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PNR Number

IRCTC PNR is a number to check the status of your ticket whether it is booked or it is in waiting state. If you want to check your PNR status then Click on this link here and Enter the 10 Digit PNR number.

IRCTC PNR Status | Indian Railways PNR Status | Train PNR Status Check Online Enquiry

Today IRCTC is the most familiar and well-known Indian Railways Website which stands for Indian Railway and Tourism Corporation. It is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways, which takes care mainly of Online Railway Ticketing and also of Catering and Tourism Operations. The launch of these customer friendly services has totally revolutionized the Rail Services in India, thereby becoming the fastest growing largest e-commerce website across the Asia Pacific region. Today, millions of Indian Passengers has been benefited with the IRCTC services, especially about the Indian Railways Seat Availability and also lots of other information from the comfort of sitting at home.

Steps to Check Indian Railway PNR Status Online @

We offer you the service to check the Indian Railway PNR Status Online on our popular Web portal Commuters have to visit the above website to know their Online Indian Railway PNR status, which can be availed by entering the 10 digit PNR Number located at the Top left corner of the Railway Ticket into the PNR box of the above link
Follow the below steps to know the Indian Railways PNR Status Online

What Is PNR Status?

PNR status Stands for Passenger Name Record which is a 10 Digit Unique Code written on the top-left corner of the Indian Railway Ticket. It is known as the Travel record of commuters or a group of commuters which are maintained in CRS (Central Railway Reservation) Database. This CRS system generates the PNR 10 Digit Code only when it receives the complete details of Passengers Journey like Passengers Name, Gender, Age, Train Number, Journey Class, Berth Preference, Contact Link, etc. With this PNR Status, Passengers are able to access the updates about their Status of Journey which is also known as follow-up process. Thus PNR 10 Digit Code is of great use and important for passengers whose tickets are not confirmed which lets them to know their Online Ticket Confirmation Status.

IRCTC PNR Status WL (Waiting List) Code

IRCTC Waiting List states that your Train reservation ticket is not yet confirmed to travel to the desired destination. The Status of the Current Position in the Waiting List Queue can be checked using the 10 digit PNR number printed on the top left Corner of the ticket. You can check the PNR Status WL (Waiting List from the official IRCTC website and also from the link Following are the IRCTC PNR Status Waiting List codes prescribed by the Indian Railways.

  1. RLWL: RLWL stands for Running Line Waiting List or Road-Side Waiting List
  2. RLGN: RLGN stands for Remote Location General Wait List
  3. RQWL: RQWL stands for Request Waiting List
  4. PQWL: PQWL stands for Pooled Quota Wait List
  5. LDWL: LDWL stands for Ladies Quota Wait List
  6. GNWL: GNWL Stands for General Wait List
  7. CKWL: CKWL Stands for Tatkal Quota Wait List.

Train PNR Status WL Refund Policy

Indian Railways have come up with the revised notification from 12th November 2016, for the Train PNR Status WL Refund Policy. So on cancellation of partially confirmed ticket or Waiting List PNR Status, passengers would opt for a full refund of their fare charges with the deduction of clerkage charges. The Tickets has to be cancelled up to half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train. So Passengers will not be eligible for PNR Status WL Refund Policy after they cross the above-mentioned prescribed time limit.